Centralised    Issuance    System   

MX 6000

A TOTAL SOLUTION THAT COMBINES SPEED & RELIABILITY!Card Printing,ID Card Printing,Credit Card PrintingThe MX6000™ card issuance system is part of a total solution, including card production, smart card personalisation management, inline card delivery, intelligent supplies and professional services. The MX6000 system combines speed and reliability with the ability to reduce card inventory costs, minimise cost-per-card and protect cardholder data with a variety of advanced security features like laser engraving and graphics printing.

This modular solution delivers up to 1,500 cards per hour helping to provide efficiency, productivity and profitability to your card program.

 System controller
 Card input module
 Card cleaning module
 Magnetic stripe encoding module
 Contact smart card personalisation module
 Contactless smart card personalisation module
 Graphics printing module
 Color printing module
 Artista® VHD retransfer color printing module
 Laser engraving module
 CardGard™ UV-curing topcoat module
 DuraGard™ laminate module
 Embossing module
 Topping module
 Vision verification module
 Label affixing module
 Card flipper modules
 Card output module

 MXD card delivery system
 MXi envelope insertion system