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MxD Mailer

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Ideal for high-volume card issuers in any market, the Datacard® MXD™ Mailer card delivery system prints personalised carriers, affixes plastic cards and prepares carriers for inline envelope insertion — quickly and cost-effectively. Use this stand-alone system to enhance one-to-one marketing, drive down costs and improve productivity.

Process up to 3,000 customised card mailings per hour.
Replace multiple steps with one automated process.
Affix up to four cards per form.


Automated, Accurate Processing
The MXD Mailer system replaces multiple systems or steps with a single, automated process. It reads magnetic stripes, barcodes or smart card chips on pre-personalised plastic cards and matches each card with a data record. When accuracy is verified, the system prints a personalised carrier, affixes cards and prepares the carrier for inline envelope insertion.

Targeted, Personalised Messaging
High-speed simplex and duplex laser printing enables the MXD Mailer system to add personalised messages to every card carrier. Customised promotions not only strengthen loyalty — they help drive card usage and revenue. It also offers dual page personalisation to minimise postage and reduce the need to keep large inventories of pre-printed forms.

Efficient Operation
The MXD Mailer system keeps pace and works side-by-side with the latest Datacard® card issuance systems, delivering the highest possible throughput. Its familiar, intuitive graphical user interface helps operators move easily from one system to the next without additional training.

Simplifies Handling of Templates and Data
With the MXD Mailer system, you are no longer required to create and maintain specific directories for your mail merge templates. Instead, you can specify a path that will point the system to any directory.

Prints Virtually Any Language
With its support of Unicode, the MXD Mailer system enables you to create forms in any language including double-byte languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese provided you have the appropriate font installed.

Comprehensive Security
System-level security allows authentication of operators and controls access to data, applications and specific jobs.