About    Datasonic    Group   

D atasonic Group Berhad was incorporated under the Act on 13 March 2008 as a public limited company. We subsequently converted to a private limited company on 22 June 2011 to facilitate the acquisition of Datasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd, Datasonic Technologies Sdn Bhd and Datasonic Smart Solutions Sdn Bhd.

D atasonic Group is involved in the provision of ICT solutions including smart card personalisation (such as secure ID or chip-based credit / debit / bank cards), customisation of software and hardware solutions, project management, consultancy, R&D and technical consultancy services.

D atasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd (Datasonic Corporation) is the only ICT vendor involved in 3 major smart card programs in Malaysia, namely Government Multi Purpose Cards (national ID card, MyKad), Payment Multi Purpose Cards (BankCard or ATM chip-based smart card) and Europay, MasterCard and Visa Cards (EMV chip-based Credit Card) migration in the country. The company is the technology provider and exclusive sole contractor of Dibena involved in the Government Multi Purpose Card (GMPC) national ID (MyKad, MyPR & MyKid) project since 1999.

D atasonic Technologies Sdn Bhd (Datasonic Technologies) is the ICT solutions arm of Datasonic Group involved in the provision of government ICT projects and solutions services, which include project management services for the implementation of large scaled customised integrated ICT hardware & software systems and solutions.

 D atasonic Smart Solutions Sdn Bhd (Datasonic Smart Solutions) is the R&D and technical solutions arm of Datasonic Group which involves in the provision of R&D and technical consultancy services to both Datasonic Corporation and Datasonic Technologies. Datasonic Smart Solutions is the R&D hub of Datasonic Group for the development of smart card operating system (OS) solutions and other key ICT developments which include development of centralised and decentralised card issuance system and solutions, multi-purpose ID system, integrated front-end and back-end system solutions as well as web-based total HIS system solutions.


  • Parent & promoter company of Datasonic Corp.
  • 100% bumiputra-owned Investment holding company of Dibena Group of Companies.
  • Chairman & Key Consortium company of Government Multi Purpose Card (GMPC) for national ID (MyKad) project since 1999, who is responsible in the entire design, set up, development, delivery, testing, commissioning, implementation, maintenance and consultancy of the entire GMPC national ID systems for the Government of Malaysia.