Datasonic is involved in the provision of ICT solutions including smart card personalisation (such as secure ID or chip-based credit/ debit/ bank cards), customisation of software and hardware solutions, project management, consultancy, R&D and technical consultancy services.

In order to enhance its competitive edge, the Group focuses on investing in R&D and human capital to create highly secured, integrated and innovative ICT solutions for various governmental, commercial and financial markets. Therefore, the Board supports a culture that embraces technological change by empowering digital transformation with our innovative ICT solutions to stay ahead of global competition.

Datasonic aims to capitalise on various business models and our innovation culture to deliver sustainable value to our shareholders/stakeholders. We will continue to explore and venture in the areas of innovation and expansion of capabilities to remain competitive and relevant in delivering global trending or emerging ICT solutions including but not limited to e-ID, e-Passport, e-Border Control, e-Visa, Multi-modal Biometric solutions, Smart surveillance & security systems, e-Health and fintech (financial technology) solutions.

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