In today's world, there are government agencies, financial institutions, corporations, service bureaus as well as loyalty companies using our software solutions and issuance systems to personalise, issue and manage a variety of identification (ID) cards: national ID, credit, debit and loyalty cards. With more than a decade of market presence, our secure ID & smart card personalisation solutions outsell any other brand combined in the market.


Smart card industry sector is constantly offering new technologies suitable for government agencies looking to ensure optimised security of highly confidential identification documents for their citizens. The technologies selected must be smarter and more advanced than any threats faced by the government. That is why governments trust Datasonic for the design and issuance of the nation's primary national identification document.

Today, National Registration Department (NRD) of Malaysia use our centralized as well as distributed printing and issuance system and solutions to manage and issue highly secured national ID cards.


We have been involved in provision of Malaysia National ID (MyKad) from its inception as a first in the world pioneer multi-application smartcard program since 1999. Subsequent to the pilot project in Klang Valley and thereafter the National RollOut in 2005, we have been consistently providing NRD, an agency of the Home Affairs Ministry (KDN) of Malaysia with cutting edge research and development (R&D) efforts enhanced with the latest technology such as centralised and decentralised laser engraving; retransfer printing system to replace Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) printing and provision of entire infrastructure, hardware & software solutions inclusive of application systems at over 56 Distributed Printing centres and more than 200 NRD branches nationwide, supply of full polycarbonate material with improved security features using Datasonic in-house Operating System (OS), technical support and maintenance services for issuance of consistently high quality national IDs at state level and major branches to continuously shorten delivery lead time resulting in improved public delivery services.

At Datasonic, we continue to invest in R&D of innovative cutting edge technology by partnering with strategic global associates to ensure that Malaysia's national ID remains among one of the best National ID programs in the world.


Datasonic has matured into a comprehensive end-to-end supplier of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard electronic-passport comprising Polycarbonate Data Page, Passport Chips and Machine Readable Travel Document (Passport Booklets) with its own manufacturing plants in Malaysia ever since our initial involvement in Immigration Department of Malaysia, [Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM)] commencing from late 1990s with provision of Foreign Workers systems; Visa, Pass & Permit systems; Data Centre & Helpdesk and technical support & maintenance of previous passport printers.

In 2011, Datasonic successfully won the contract through open tender from Malaysian Government to supply ICAO standard high quality polycarbonate data page with advanced security features such as first of its kind "picture quality Ultra Violet (UV)" as well as "class 1" laser engraving printing system & solutions in addition to technical support and maintenances services for 66 JIM branches nation-wide and 7 overseas attaches in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Republic of Indonesia, Jeddah, Singapore and Hong Kong supported by our skilled competent engineers & technicians.

Subsequently in 2016, Datasonic was given a further contract to supply ICAO standard Passport Chips and Passport Booklets with better quality product and innovative security features.

We have also successfully implemented the integration and upgrade of auto gates readers to ensure compatibility of the ICAO compliant Data Page at all 120 immigration auto gate check-points nationwide since 2016 through open read of Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of key generated in passport chip for authentication of Data Page information. Technical support for personalization services at JIM branches nationwide and attaches overseas are duly rendered 24/7 to ensure that any service interruption is addressed immediately.

In 2017, we had successfully set up our own manufacturing facilities (gazetted by Chief Government Security Office as "Highly Secured Area") in addition to the latest equipment and specialized machinery for printing, production and assembling of visa pages, passport cover and passport booklets for the new Malaysian Passport Travel Document that was first issued in November of that same year and launched on January 11, 2018 by the Malaysia Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN).



Our service bureau in Petaling Jaya, the Regional Personalisation Service (RPS) Center, is certified by Visa International and Master International for its strict adherence to the security standards of credit card issuance. We help major banks in Malaysia to manage and issue personalised EMV credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards at this personalisation center.

Our highly secure card delivery and fulfilment systems provide the banks with powerful solutions for one-to-one marketing, cost reduction and efficiency gains where our systems can print highly personalised message for each cardholder on a form, then affix cards, assemble mailing components, insert them into envelopes and meter them automatically in a modular inline operation to ensure highest security of card information.

As the leading smart card personalisation solutions provider, we have since year 2003 helped major banks in Malaysia to fully migrate their magnetic-striped credit cards nationwide into EMV based credit cards to meet world standards. With our advanced personalisation systems, we make it absolutely easy to do.


More than 30 years ago, our principal and strategic partner Datacard Group had pioneered secure, high-volume financial card issuance possible with the world's first inline card personalisation system. Since then, Datacard's solutions and issuance systems have outperformed other brands in the world financial market. Leveraging on the strengths of Datacard, Datasonic has accumulated over a decade of experience to help Malaysian financial institutions to issue millions of credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards.

Today, most financial institutions use our solutions to issue millions of credit cards, ATMs and other financial Payment Multi-Purpose Card (PMPC) cards. Endorsed and certified by Visa International and MasterCard International, our centralised and distributed issuance system and solutions has helped national major banks to increase their productivity and efficiency to issue PMPC and Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) credit cards instantly and securely thus making one-to-one marketing possible. That's why financial institutions trust our brand and solutions for their financial card programs for over a decade.

Datasonic's participation in the Malaysian Chip Card Specification (MCCS) migration in 2016 & 2017 is also enriched through the introduction of our innovative eKiosks solutions that enabled customers of major banks to change to new MCCS debit card in less than 60 seconds that significantly reduced queues at counters during the mandatory exercise initiated by Bank Negara, Malaysia's Central Bank.

With the introduction of financial high technology (fintech), Datasonic has since embarked on a quest to participate in online as well as mobile payment solutions in cooperation with strategic alliances to ensure that the company is at the forefront of the fintech industry.


As the leading secure ID and smart card personalisation solutions provider, we empower corporations of all sizes to develop complete integrated identity solutions to enhance both physical and logical security across their enterprises.

With the advent of new technologies, we integrate multiple technologies into a single card program to allow corporations to integrate our smart card systems into their security systems such as multi-modal biometrics access system as well as their database and network system in order to elevate the security levels of their buildings and physical assets.

With our ID software systems, we allow enterprises to incorporate a wide range of technology into a single ID card and to issue single and/or multi-purpose durable ID batches quickly and securely while enabling them to control access to buildings and rooms, safeguard physical assets against theft, automate time and attendance tracking and enable secure storing of data.

Until today, we are continually working to develop new identification solutions to help enterprises run their organisations more securely and profitably.


As a leading secure ID and smart card personalisation solutions provider, we help organisations to issue instant personalised cards for their customers, provide immediate reward to customers with points and discounts, collect and build instant, updated customer database for the organisations to customise 1-to-1 promotions and sales activities for their valuable customers.

Loyalty companies today use our turnkey ID card systems and solutions to develop successful loyalty programs that build strong 1-to-1 relationships to retain their loyal customers. From loyalty marketing to lifestyle marketing, we keep on creating innovative ideas and approaches to each and every of our unique customers such as Genting Group, Jaya Jusco, Isetan and Diners Club to differentiate their offerings while improving their delivery services to generate the highest profit and returns.

Major operators such as Genting also use our card systems and solutions to print personalised, high-quality membership cards. With our turnkey ID card systems and solutions, we help mega operators to implement successful loyalty and customer tracking programs to instantly issue personalised photo-image cards to guests as they arrive and to link it up to their existing customer tracking software to capture guests' point system, interest/preferences and spending habits.

Such personalisation system solutions enable organisations to easily implement powerful card loyalty programs quickly to drive higher sales and profits.