vision, mission & strategies

Our Vision

To enrich lives through creative and innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions.

Our Mission

To focus on customers' challenges and needs.

To sustainably provide customers' with excellent solutions and services.

To consistently create, attain and extend maximum value to all customers and stakeholders.

Our Strategies

In this rapidly-evolving Information and Communication Technology market, Datasonic is committed to:

  • Provide advanced, innovative and high quality products and services to customers, meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  • Customise and deliver integrated solutions and services that maximises investment returns to customers.
  • Continuously conduct in-depth and extensive Research and Development with the goal of constant improvement.
  • Focus on invention of innovative and leading edge technologies that generates competitive edges globally.
  • Recognise, develop and retain valuable talents, while cultivating and nurturing a conducive and sustainable environment for their success.
  • Develop strong distribution channels and marketing network to increase and widen our market penetration via resellers and strategic partners in Malaysia and across the World.

Our Business Segments

Datasonic business is divided into three segments, namely:

  • Investment holding and management services to Datasonic Group of companies
  • Customised Smart Card Solutions, e-Passport & e-Border Control Solutions, Integrated Security & Surveillance System, Large-scale customised integrated solutions and other software solutions services
  • Manufactures smart cards and passport ducuments